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"I try so hard not only to build myself and my country, but also to make the world a better place to live in."

I spent ages seeking education from school however, I found out that school was a disaster and I haven’t learned anything useful.

So, I think for a more effective way of learning, and that was I decided to have a self-study. I accomplished and learned any skills I wanted quickly and effectively.

I found out that learning new skills was hard at the same time easy for me. The unavailability of resources was the hard part but that was not a hindrance for me of being passionate in learning and building new skills, and I set learning as a habit. I can say that education can’t only be learned at school. It took me 5 years to learning everything I wanted, and I am extensively expanding my learning and enhance it more.

That’s where my advocacy of sharing my knowledge and skills took place. I help people to learn and master their skills and teach them learning as a habit. I call those skills pro skills and lifelong learners.

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